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Areas of Focus

you know what?

Solving poverty is easy. Here’s how and where we focus.



Again and again, education has proven to be the master key that breaks the cycle of poverty. This can show up in the formation of grassroots schools, value-based learning journeys, as well as community-based awareness campaigns (sanitation, hygiene, urban farming, etc.). Values inform character, character informs action, action becomes habit, and habit becomes fate. Improve your values, improve your fate.


Toilets, drainage systems, water access points and the like—all are needed on a practical level, of course. More subtly, without them, people feel robbed of their dignity, leading to a sense of hopelessness and despair, which further feeds the poverty cycle.

Income Generation.

Income generation is a cure to poverty but not the cure, and certainly goes a long way towards preventing crime, violence, and promiscuity. You often find individuals willing to do the work to lift themselves out of poverty, but who lack the capital to get going. Let’s change that.