Our year-end fundraising effort.

Celebrating Children

Let’s end the year with love.


Dear Friend,

As the year winds to a close and we enter the blessed season of giving, I humbly request your support to provide a Christmas celebration to orphan children in rural Kenya, as well as make an investment in our Nairobi-based Malezi School to further expand its mission.

(You can read on for more detail, or if you are ready to give, click the Donate button to the right to make a secure donation now.)

Orphan’s Christmas

Our annual Christmas celebration benefits some of the neediest orphan children in the Kisii area of rural Kenya—children who have lost both of their parents and live in significant poverty.

After gathering at the site of the Umoja Centre, they will be offered a nutritious lunch, all the materials to bake a beloved holiday treat at home (mandazi), and be entertained and uplifted by local singers, community elders, as well as members of the government administration.

The event is eagerly anticipated in the community and cause for many, many smiles.

   Kisii Orphan’s Christmas, 2017

Kisii Orphan’s Christmas, 2017

This year, we are more than doubling the size of the orphan beneficiaries from 60 to 130 because we feel confident the support will be there to do so.

The cost to make this inspiring day possible is $1,050. You can view the expense breakdown here and, if you would like to make a contribution, you can do that here securely via PayPal.

Malezi School Investment

Meanwhile, our Malezi School in Nairobi continues to grow and expand in remarkable ways.

Just this year alone, we:

  • Opened four new classrooms and saw enrollment jump to 225 students.

  • Launched a lunch program that feeds all the teachers and students a healthy meal.

  • Launched an urban farm that sustainably provides vegetables for the lunch program.

As a result, overall school morale is up, Malezi’s reputation and credibility in the community has reached a new high, teacher turnover is down, and the students are all more engaged and performing better in class.

   Malezi School, 2018

Malezi School, 2018

To continue this incredible momentum, we are looking to make an investment in the school by purchasing new student desks, performing some minor repairs to the building, and updating all of the textbooks to get in line with the curriculum issued this year by the government.

Malezi School, through the limited school fees it collects ($3/month/student), barely manages to sustain their basic operating costs. For investment costs such as the ones outlined here, they continue to rely on the generosity of others.

The total cost to make all the proposed changes is $1,230. You can view the expense breakdown here and, if you would like to make a contribution, you can do that here securely via PayPal.

It has been said that, “Service to humanity is service to God” and a reliable source of abiding joy.

Giving to one — giving to our orphans in Kisii so they can celebrate Christmas, or giving to our Malezi School — is giving to all.

We are all connected and everything connects.



As of Dec. 2:
$1,470 of $2,280 raised
$810 remains.

Apart from nominal bank transaction fees, 100% of your contribution will benefit the two projects.