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Just the other day, I removed the blog I've been keeping on this website for the past several years.

This was where I would report on the various projects I'm involved with, whenever there was news to share. I never questioned the practice, it just seemed like the right thing to do because, well, isn't that what everybody does? While I was happy to do it because I believed it helped explain myself, especially with my supporters, this kind of reporting always felt like a chore. Admittedly, I recently fell behind on several updates and started to feel pressure to get caught up when I finally asked, "Why do I have so much resistance to this?"

The word, "deepcasting," was introduced to me by a dear friend and stands in contrast to "broadcasting." Broadcasting, amongst many other things, is blogging in the spirit I just mentioned. It's about manually spreading the word. Creating impressions. Bringing attention to yourself. We feel we need to broadcast, especially these days with all the social media channels in existence, whenever we do something slightly out of the norm or have something valuable to offer. We connect it to survival and growth. Broadcasting is external marketing, has a quality of "push," and is related to the word "do."

Whatever is meant to be, will be, no matter how hard you work to prevent it. Whatever is not meant to be, won’t be, no matter how hard you work to realize it.
— Sri Ramana Maharshi

Deepcasting is meditation. Deepcasting is bhakti yoga. Deepcasting is doing, as Mother Teresa put it, small things with great love (intensity). In the deepcasting space, you have come to understand there is no necessity of change to be made because you further understand nothing can be lacking in this moment. The orientation, then, moves from outside to inside where power of presence is now free to be cultivated. You might even say chronic broadcasting is a kind compensation for undeveloped presence since there is usually a subtle prayer for validation that comes with it. A deepcaster is unconcerned with outcome—with clicks, likes, revenue growth, or change of any sort (even positive change). There simply is no need when everything is provided for now in this wholly complete and utterly perfect moment.

Without trying to or really knowing about it until my friend coined the term, I see that I have moved more into this deepcasting space of "being," and away from doing. My daily routine has simplified to the bare essentials. Desire to travel and move around is less. Desire, overall, is less and I can reap similar joy by visiting with a plant, as I can by seeing the successful launch of a project. Really, this is a space of trust and silence, and merging with the moment. On the one hand, you know nothing needs to change and, on the other, you know all needs will be fulfilled according to Nature's law. You can relax.

My understanding is that as you orient internally and develop your presence in this spirit, you become like a power generator of sorts that constantly emits a frequency—that broadcasts in a sense. This ends up attracting exactly the right people, places, and circumstances into your field. You don't go looking for anything, anymore—you get discovered. That idea really inspires me.

For this reason, I have decided to end regular project updating via blogging. Instead, I will do so via the specific project pages on this site and my email newsletters, which I will try to publish monthly, as I have always enjoyed communicating with people that way. Further, I will continue to publish personal essays like this that I think might be helpful for others.

C. Lowman