Mahtabe, Inc.
Service just because.



Inform everything we do.


Earth First

Live in harmony with nature, then love naturally flows, as does peace among people. It is that simple.

Love What Is

Or, seeing the utter and total perfection of the moment. If the moment is perfect, then nothing is lacking and there are no problems to be solved and no world that needs to change. This does not mean we turn cold to suffering — not at all — but curbs the desire to fix, a movement that is counter to service.

You Are That

You are already what you seek to be. Therefore, the greatest gift you can give another human being is to help them realize they are the gift they've been waiting for. In this way, beneficiaries become partners and friends.

Service Before Self

Most of us falsely believe that we must provide for ourselves misery and struggle traces to the false belief that I must provide for myself. This belief causes competition, conflict, and disease. When you seek to serve others before your own self, you find your genuine needs becoming automatically taken care of and that there never again is a reason to worry.

Simple Living, High Thinking

Or, the case for the village life. What we have now is complicated living and low thinking — to what result? Our material needs are basic, our inner needs for meaning and fulfillment are far greater. Let's build on that.


What happens when aid work becomes a joy-filled creative expression? Giver and receiver merge into one and programs find effortless sustainability.


We are not about the numbers, we are about the stories. While numbers may impress, they do not inspire. Stories are kind—they inspire us and transform our understanding in mostly subtle ways.


Who says impact always has to strike like a thunderstorm? Can’t a gentle breeze by similarly felt?